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One of the mandates of an institution of higher learning like DHVTSU is to provide relevant quality education to its clienteles not only in the provinces of Pampanga but also to its neighboring provinces in Region III. Hence, the College of Arts and Sciences was created under Resolution No. 4 s. 2007 effective School Year 2007-2008.

From June 2007 to December 2007, Dr. Laura Miriam B. Buenviaje, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, stood as the Concurrent Dean of the College while Dr. Yolanda E. Crisostomo served as its Dean from January 2008 to July 31, 2009. Dr. Severina R. Samia was designated as its OIC-Dean from September 1, 2009 to present.

The College has also offered a new course - Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management (AHRM) leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) beginning this School Year 2010-2011.

At present, the College has 103 energetic and committed faculty members.

 The College of Arts and Sciences will be the heart and soul of the University. It is the foundation upon which all DHVTSU students’ educational experiences are built. The programs prepare students for entry into further professional studies. It aims to provide its students with a general education that will lay the foundation/groundwork for critical and analytical thinking in all fields. The CAS will house educational programs in the arts, humanities, social sciences, physical and natural sciences, languages, i.e. English, Filipino and Mathematics.

Professional Education relies on sustenance provided by the arts and sciences and could not exist without them.

The College of Arts and Sciences upholds excellence in the arts and sciences. Students will be recognized for their critical thinking and communication skills, moral and spiritual values, intellectual integrity, democratic leadership in today’s complex technological society and well prepared for specialized, scientific and scholarly research for education, for the professions, and for social awareness of the problems and concerns of the community and the whole society.

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to inculcate in students the development of analytical and communication skills, moral and spiritual values, intellectual and creative abilities and a sense of civic responsibility needed in an increasing complex society. It strives to provide them with a rigorous foundation needed in their chosen field, an awareness of the interconnectedness of disciplines and an exposure to the discovery of new knowledge geared towards democratic leadership in the creation of opportunities for community service.

In consonance with the mandate of the University, the College of Arts and Sciences is committed to facilitate the integral development of an individual in order to enable him to affect changes in himself and his environment to realize the fullness of life. It further attempts to prepare students to become responsible leaders, creative, as well as useful members of society.

The College of Arts and Sciences aims to:

  • Design classroom activities to facilitate in-depth communication and critical thinking;
  • Provide opportunities for moral and spiritual upliftment;
  • Conduct research activities through intensive reading, analysis and evaluation;
  • Spearhead activities that will hone students’ leadership potentials; and
  • Undertake programs and projects which expose students to the marginalized sectors of society for community services.

The College has two major responsibilities:

  • It takes charge of the general education courses: undergraduate degree programs regardless of field of specialization it will offer its own undergraduate programs in the arts and sciences.
  • It will offer its own undergraduate programs in the arts and sciences

Academic Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology

Faculty & Staff

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Members
  1. Agustin, Maria Kristel K.
  2. Bondoc, Bless P.
  3. Coronel, Kathleen Joyce M.
  4. David, Mike Haizon M.
  5. Deguilla, Ged Mariechloe M.
  6. Mallari, Luzviminda L.
  7. Manalang, Bernadine L.
  8. Mendoza, Ilyn M. 
  9. Ocampo, Diana D. 
  10. Pamintuan, Rowena L.
  11. Serna, Jeaneth D. 
  12. Simon, Normando C.
Faculty Members
  1. Awat, Baby Alexis F.
  2. Barrera, Krisma Joy L.
  3. Capili, Mariefel F. 
  4. Dayaguit, Bob T. 
  5. Evaristo, Sheryll Marie M. 
  6. Fernando, Eduardo S. 
  7. Gaduena, Aleth Q. 
  8. Galang, Catherine A. 
  9. Larin, Rosalie G. 
  10. Liwanag, Ivan G. 
  11. Manaois, Jorelyn F. 
  12. Manapsal, Jessie D. 
  13. Mangalindan, Dioscoro N. 
  14. Musni, Lord Francis D. 
  15. Navarro, Vincent M. 
  16. Nicdao, Ernesto Jorge D. 
  17. Ocampo, Ramsey 
  18. Otanes, Marie Eugenie M. 
  19. Panopio, Rainier C. 
  20. Principio, Emel B. - 
  21. Ronquillo, Roel JFD D. 
Faculty Members
  1. Caballa, Remedios P. 
  2. Cruz Jr., Alipio 
  3. Fernandez, Antonia B. 
  4. Gamboa, Jerame N. 
  5. Gomez, Alpine S. 
  6. Lacson, Michelle C.
  7. Layug, Mark Joseph B. 
  8. Mendoza, Grace A. 
  9. Naguiat, Josefina D. 
  10. Nicdao, Jennifer Anne L. 
  11. Patawaran, Luz F. 
  12. Puno, Caroline P. 
  13. Reyes, Nympha M. 
  14. Salac, Marcial Bonnie M. - 
  15. Santos, Myrna C. 
  16. Santos, Veata, Monina C. 
  17. Sibug, Harvey Ian G.
  18. Sicat, Leodigario Y. 
  19. Tayag, Rosie P. 
  20. Viray, Grace T. 
  21. Zapata, Rosario M. 
Faculty Members
  1. Asirit, Maria Elena B. 
  2. Chu, Elvira S. 
  3. Galang, Normita S. 
  4. Garcia, Dorisa M. 
  5. Gozum, Tita V. 
  6. Koh, Aileen L. 
  7. Lozano, Luz L.
  8. Mendoza, Eloisa G. 
  9. Mendoza, Loreta M. 
  10. Otanes, Myrna S. 
  11. Salonga, Estrella G. 
  12. Silva, Eleonor G. 
  13. Velasquez, Teresita G. 
Faculty Members
  1.  Arcilla, Robin T. 
  2. Basco, Lucia V. 
  3. Canilao, Edwin M. 
  4. Cruz, Myka A.
  5. Fajardo, Reymond Q. 
  6. Fujimoto, Christopher D. 
  7. Galura, Olive N. 
  8. Gopez, Kate D. 
  9. Mangune Jr., Ubaldo P.
  10. Pascual, Myla C. (on leave) 
  11. Pasion, Herbert A. 
  12. Sibug, Mariano P. 
Faculty Members
  1. Calma, Cresencia R. 
  2. David, Adonis A. 
  3. Deysolong, Jerwin F. 
  4. Dizon, Dennis V. 
  5. Duya, Regina F. 
  6. Gamboa, Alberto G.
  7. Gomez, Cleofe S. 
  8. Ibasco, Florenda T. 
  9. Infante, Teresita F. 
  10. Malate, Pier Angelie 
  11. Martinez, Janice M. 
  12. Morales, Antonio M. 
  13. Muñoz, Dioned S. 
  14. Nacpil, Nelly P. 
  15. Pangilinan, Drazelle F. 
  16. Quizon, Gracita M. 
  17. Reyes, Lapridad Julieta D. 
  18. Supan, Maricel M. 
  19. Villanueva, Louie Fe S. 
Faculty Members
  1. Capili, Miguela F. 
  2. De Guzman, Melquiades S. 
  3. Miranda, Angelita S. 
  4. Talucod, Shiela May S. 
  5. Tubig, Espiridion A.