ipe logo512pxHISTORY
The Institute of Physical Education was established in 2012 through the initiative of Prof. Paciencia C. Gozum, MPE, the Institute’s first director and the collaborative efforts of the physical education instructors and professors with the support of Vice President for Academic Affairs Laura Miriam B. Buenviaje, Ph. D and the approval of the University President Enrique G. Baking, Ed. D. and. The establishment was in accordance with DECS Order No. 58, series of 1995 which states that “in any institution of higher learning with 3,000 students whether offering a degree in physical education or not, there shall be a Department of Physical Education.” DHVTSU, during the time when the Institute was proposed in the academic year 2011-2012, there are 5, 395 students enrolled in physical education courses, thereby justifying the need for the creation of the Institute.

A year after the establishment, on April 29, 2013, the proposal for the offering of the Bachelor of Physical Education major in School Physical Education was thought out. The proposal was designed in accordance with CHED Memorandum Order No. 23, series of 2011: Policies, Standards and Guidelines for Bachelor of Physical Education major in School P.E. (BPE-SPE) and major in Sports and Wellness Management (BPE-SWM). It was initiated in order to produce skilled physical educators relevant to the implementation of the K to 12 program of the Department of Education. Necessary requirements were compiled by the Institute and were submitted to the Commission on Higher Education Regional Office III. On February 12, 2014, Mr. Jumel C. Miller and Dr. Anatalia E. Larce, members of the Regional Quality Assurance Team (RQAT) deputized by the CHED Regional Office III conducted a site visit and found very good remarks. Recommendations were cited and fortunately, the Institute was able to comply with the requirements and the Commission approved it on February 25, 2014. CHED Regional Office III Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) No. 001, Series of 2014 certifies that “…the Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University, Bacolor, Pampanga has successfully complied with all the prescribed documents for the BACHELOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Major in School Physical Education) (BPE-SPE) program for levels I and II effective A.Y. 2014-2015.” It was passed and approved by the Board of Regents on March 06, 2014.

The Institute of Physical Education (IPE), established as an Institute in 2012 is the University’s core unit tasked in the implementation of collegiate service physical education and facilitation of recreational, sports, fitness and wellness programs tailor-fitted to the needs of its clientele. It aspires to become a College-offering department in DHVTSU as a means of expanding its horizon towards quality and excellence in the field of physical education, recreation and sports.

Guided by the Latin quotation “Mens sana in corpore sano”, the Institute firmly believes in the importance of a “sound mind and a sound body.” Physical Education is thus viewed as both an art and science of discipline geared towards the holistic development of an individual through properly selected activities.

Academic Programs

The Institute of Physical Education offers the following collegiate service physical education courses as prescribed by DECS Order No. 58, series of 1995; to cite:
  1. PE 112: Physical Fitness and Self-Testing Activities
  2. PE 122: Rhythmic Activities
  3. PE 212: Individual/Dual Sports

Degree Programs:
  • Bachelor of Physical Education major in School Physical Education (BPE-SPE)joint program with the College of Education)
  • Bachelor of Physical Education major in Sports and Wellness Management (BPE-SWM)
  • Certificate in School Physical Education (CSPE)

Accredited Student Organization:
  • Physical Education Majors' Society (PEMS)

Faculty & Staff

Dolores T. Quiambao, Ed.D.
Dean, College of Education

Faculty Members (A.Y. 2016-2017)

  1. Mary Rose B. Antonio
  2. Mary Chantelle O. Carlos, MAEd
  3. Mark Adrian Eduarte
  4. Rolan Randolf I. Garcia
  5. Emmanuel R. Perez
  6. Kesteryl S. Pineda
  7. Mercy D. Pineda, MPE
  8. Agnes R. Regala, MAEd
  9. Rommel C. Rivera, MAEd
  10. Vanessa B. Sibug, MAEd
  11. Lourdes P. Soriano
  12. Jan Henry B. Sunga
  13. Julius Ceazar G. Tolentino, MPES