The Senior High School is committed to equip the students with the skills on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, accountancy, business, management , humanities, social sciences, technical vocational and livelihood, to be globally competitive graduates through a learner centered, relevant, responsive, research based, and contextualized curriculum.

The Senior High School aims to produce learned individuals who are imbued with values necessary for tertiary education and employment.

The Department aims to:

  1. Equip learners with the 21st century learners which are focused on information, media, and technology skills, learning and innovation skills, communication skills, and life and career skills;
  2. Train students to produce researches relevant to their specialization;
  3. Conduct seminars, trainings, and activities that will hone students’ potentials specifically in leadership, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects;
  4. Undertake national competency assessment to assure the development of the students in particular skills;
  5. Immerse students on the real work setting; and
  6. Spearhead activities that will expose students to extension and community services.

Academic Program

Accountancy, Business and Management

Humanities and Social Science

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


Faculty & Staff

Jerame N. Gamboa, Ed.D.
SHS Principal


  1. Robin Dimla, MAE
  2. Jerame Gamboa, Ed.D
  3. Aileen Koh, MAEd
  4. Eddiebal Layco, MAE
  5. Luz Lozano, MAEd
  6. Ricardo Magpayo
  7. Aldrin Parico, MAE
  8. Rhiziel Manalese, RN, MSN
  9. Ronell Mangilit, MAE
  10. Louie Fe Villanueva, MAEd
  1. Catherine Danganan, Ph.D.
  2. Annabelle Flores, Ph.D.
  3. Alberto Gamboa, Ed.D.
  4. Jeanne Galura, Ed.D.
  5. Krist Mark Macapugay,CB, MBA
  6. Pol Andrew Paule, CPA
  7. Raul Requine, MAEd
  8. Jocelyn Tayag
  9. Rowina Twano, MBA

Edirina C. Guevarra