The Department of Electronics Engineering (ECE) of Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University (DHVTSU), in cooperation with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), Japan’s Basic Human Needs (BHN) Association and Shinshu University conducted a 3-day visit and survey for a collaborative research study.

Over the course of November 11 to 13, Engr. Mary Anne Macabuhay, head researcher, with Associate Researchers Engr. Maria Teresa Abellera, Engr. Christian Pineda and Engr. Dorothy Joy Tongol with selected students from the ECE department headed the reception of the Japanese experts, the designing of the network topology for the project, as well as assisting in the site survey at Candaba, Pampanga.

Japanese Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experts Hachihei Kurematsu, Kousuke Dobashi, and Prof. Dr. Yasushi Fuwa headed the site survey at the barangays of Mangga, Bahay Pare and Pulung Gubat.

The site visit was for the project Remote Real Time E-learning System and River Water Level Monitoring System using Wireless Network for Rural Areas in Pampanga. This is a project wherein the E-learning system will be implemented on selected schools in the said barangays while the monitoring system will be placed at the dam located in barangay Pulung Gubat.

After the site visit, Engr. Macabuhay together with the associate researchers presented their proposed system design to the Japanese experts at a wrap-up meeting held at the DHVTSU Multipurpose Hall, 2:30 PM of November 13, wherein the said design has been approved by the Japanese.

Engr. Macabuhay has stated in an interview that they are currently waiting for the recommendations and suggestions of Mr. Kurematsu and company with regards to the design before the implementation of the project targeted on July 2016.

Further, Engr. Macabuhay said that this endeavor, the first collaborative international research held by the university, can be a gateway to more research of such level in the ICT field, and a step to the supplementary enhancement of the research capability of DHVTSU, especially on an international level.