The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), under the deanship of Dr. Vicky Pineda Vital, held an echo seminar on “Teaching the New General Education Courses” last June 11, 2018 in the Multi-Purpose Hall at the Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University in Bacolor, Pampanga.

To cope with the challenges brought about by the new curriculum, Dr. Vital sent a number of CAS faculty members to the Faculty Training and Seminar conducted and facilitated by the Holy Angel University in Angeles City from May 2 to 4, 2018 and by the Wesleyan University in Cabanatuan City from May 29 to 31, 2018. The chosen faculty members were tasked to reverberate to their colleagues the new scope and trends in teaching the new general education courses.

Ms. Rhiziel Manalese and Mr. Dioned M. Muñoz commenced the seminar with the general concepts and historical development of Science, Technology, and Society (STS). This was followed by Dr. Emel Principio and Dr. Marie Eugenie M. Otanes, who were both assigned to give an overview of the three-unit course, The Contemporary World. Dr. Chona M. Navarro presented the Readings in Philippine History, while Dr. Rosie Tayag delivered a comprehensive talk about Purposive Communication. The objectives and course design of Ethics and Understanding the Self were delivered by Mr. Charles Jhon L. Aquino and Ms. Shareen Jenise A. Carlos, respectively. Ms. Jennifer Anne L. Nicdao, on the other hand, discussed the different approaches in teaching The Life and Works of Rizal. Ms. Veata Monina Santos, the last among the array of speakers, ended the seminar with a synthesis of all the speakers’ presentations. Among the common concepts that were mentioned by the speakers are pedagogy, trends, technology, methodology, and assessment.

Dr. Vital commended the speakers as well as the participants for their collective effort in making the activity a success. To cap off the seminar, she awarded the speakers with certificates of recognition.

Echo Seminar Photo01

Dr. Vicky P. Vital (center-right) welcomes the CAS faculty members during the echo seminar held on June 11, 2018 in the Multi-Purpose Hall, DHVTSU Main Campus.

Echo Seminar Photo02

Dr. Vicky P. Vital (center) starts the echo seminar with a motivational message. 

 Echo Seminar Photo03

CAS faculty members attend the echo seminar held on June 11, 2018 in the Multi-Purpose Hall, DHVTSU Main Campus.

 Echo Seminar Photo04

Ms. Rhiziel Manalese on Science, Technology, and Society.

Echo Seminar Photo05

Dr. Chona M. Navarro on the Readings in Philippine History.

Echo Seminar Photo06

Dr. Marie Eugenie M. Otanes on The Contemporary World.

Echo Seminar Photo07

Ms. Veata Monina Santos synthesizes the presentations of the speakers.

Echo Seminar Photo08

Mr. Dioned M. Muñoz

Echo Seminar Photo09

Dr. Emel Principio

Echo Seminar Photo10

Dr. Rosie Tayag

Echo Seminar Photo11

Ms. Jennifer Anne L. Nicdao

Echo Seminar Photo12

Ms. Shareen Jenise A. Carlos

Echo Seminar Photo13

Mr. Charles Jhon L. Aquino