The University Hostel, University Food Center, Engineering Lab, College of Arts and Science Building and College of Industrial Technology Shop Rooms are some of the concrete evidences of the progress of this rising-from-the-ashes University; hence, President Enrique G. Baking plans to construct more infrastructures in the fiscal year of 2013.
For the remaining quarter of the academic year 2012-2013, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Development Fund granted Dr. Baking’s request of assistance in the amount of 3.2 million pesos and another 3.2 million for the fiscal year 2013 to re-establish the dilapidated building located in front of CIT Shop Building.

Meanwhile, the ongoing construction of the Graduate School Building is expected to be completed in May 2013, the completion of College of Industrial Technology Extension Building in March and the first phase of rehabilitation of Guillermo Mendoza Building in April.

Aside from that, ALE Representative Catalina Bagasina and Butil Party-list Representative Agapito Gualao pledged 5 million and 500 thousand pesos respectively intended for the construction of Student Services Center.

Dr. Baking also plans to develop an oval, grand stand, convention center and auditorium using the unoccupied acres at the rear fraction of the University. “We are in extreme shortage at this point in time for cultural and athletics activities. This is why little by little, we are already developing that four hectare land of the University which is at this point is idle and perhaps come next school year will fully developed,” he quoted.

For the satellite campuses, the installation of drainage system and the road network has been already completed in Mexico Campus. Furthermore, PDAF of Congressman Dong Gonzales vowed 1 million pesos worth of infrastructure intended for the covered court of the said campus.

In addition, renovation of the existing building in Sto.Tomas Campus were just completed on the first quarter of December 2012. Thus, the campus is said to operate next academic year.