The College of Education (COE) has once again manifested its excellence as the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) awarded the Center of Development to the college. The Center of Development (COD) refers to a teacher education program under a college or department within a higher education institution, which demonstrates the potential to become a Center of Excellence in the future.  

To qualify for the selection of COD, the teacher education program should have passed the initial screening. The initial screening includes Level II accreditation/international standing. To be considered a COD, the total score of the different parameters in the Criteria should at least be 65 points. The criteria and scoring guide for selection of COEs and CODs in Teacher Education are the following: instructional quality – 45%, research and publication – 30%, institutional qualification – 5%, and extension and linkages – 20%. This achievement was made possible by the hardworking chairpersons of the COE programs namely Prof. Belisa Y. Bognot of the Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education, Dr. Vicky P. Vital of the Bachelor of Elementary Education, and Dr. Riza B. Lintag of the Bachelor of Secondary Education. The memorandum was released by CHED on March 31, 2016. The awarding ceremony was held on May 16, 2016 and was attended by the University President, Dr. Enrique G. Baking; the Vice President for Finance, Dr. Reynaldo C. Nicdao; and the Dean of College of Education, Dr. Dolores T. Quiambao.