The DHVTSU Library is located at the University main campus in Bacolor, Pampanga. It caters to the teaching and non-teaching employees and students of the different Colleges of the University. It also serves researchers from other institutions provided they bring along referral letters from their respective deans/librarians.

Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991, the lahar and mudflows that swept the whole town until 1995 left Bacolor in total disarray. DHVTSU, with most of its buildings, including the University Library, shop machineries, tools and the like were not spared from the wrath of the volcano.

With God’s blessings and the full support of a number of generous private individuals, members of the DHVTSU family and the town people, the University was able to start a new. It has undergone several phases of rehabilitation to become what the past and the present administrations aspire the Universary to be - a Center of Excellence and ultimately a premier state university in the region.


  1. To develop in the studentry a growing fondness/love for reading.
  2. To create and maintain an atmosphere conducive for reading and learning.
  3. To provide various reading materials such as books, magazines, journals and other references.
  4. To procure tools and equipments like computers which will make the acquisition of learning, information, and skills accessible to most of college’s population.
  5. To guide students in the books they needed for their assignments and researches.
  6. To help the students, faculty and researchers develop positive values such as self-discipline, unity, cooperation and service through reading books and other printed matter.


Mrs. Suzette B. Macaspac
College Librarian II

Mrs. Joycel S. Bacani
Library Clerk

Miss Rhoan N. Cortez
Library Clerk